To Reduce Consumer Product EMF Harm:

• Keep consumer Technology Devices OFF your body & out of clothing pockets.

• Keep Device Wi-Fi OFF. Use Cellular when possible.

• Keep Device in AIRPLANE MODE when possible.

• Touch-Hold Devices as little as possible. Use a Stylus-Screen Pen when possible. Use protective-thick case.

• Eliminate use of consumer Wi-Fi Lithium-Ion Watches, Wristbands.

• Eliminate Use of Consumer Wireless Headphones & Wireless Ear Buds.

• Fresh Air diffuses Consumer Product Radiation.

• Clean hands, arms, eyes, ears, face & neck after use.

• Turn Wi-Fi Routers OFF when possible.

• Do not sleep with Wi-Fi Routers & Devices in Bedroom. If possible keep windows-doors open for fresh air.

• Reduce-eliminate LED Light Bulb & Light Fixture exposure & open Electric Wall Socket exposure.

• Eliminate LED+Wi-Fi Lighting.

• Use Light Dimmers and Incandescent Lighting when possible.

• Minimize high Technology & Wi-Fi home appliances. Unplug when not in use. Minimize & safeguard cords & plugs. Especially in Bedrooms.

• Reduce or eliminate Lithium-Ion Vehicles  until EMF Radiation & Lithium-Ion Exposure Safety Measures have been integrated into the EV Industry.



If you have health issues discuss your Technology & Electricity Radiation exposure with health professionals to alleviate & heal issues.

#1 Consumer Home & Workplace Technology & Electricity Education, Awareness & Discipline.

#2 Oxygen/Fresh Air Diffuses Technology & Electricity Radiation Waves.

#3 Cold Water, Ice, 50%-99% Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide are natural treatments that counter EMF Radiation harm.

#4 Grounding – Excess EMF current pulls to magnetic Earth, thus preventing the buildup of voltages that result in health issues. Grounding can be achieved by Laying Down, Sitting, Holding and/or Walking Barefoot on a natural surface such as Grass-Dirt-Sand-Water-Stone-Wood.

#5 Other: Sauna / Steam / Ocean-Lake-River-Pool Swim / Ice Pack / Cold Water Shower / Cold Water Soak / Cold Water Face, Hands, Feet Rinse / Chryotherapy / Drink Water / Lung Activity / Oral Care / Head & Body Care / Exercise of Any Kind



Do Not Hold / Short Holds Only / Do Not Keep On Body / Do Not Keep In Clothing Pockets / Wi-Fi OFF /Cellular ON / Airplane Mode ON When Possible / Device OFF When Possible Note: Wi-Fi Will Signal When Device is Powered OFF / Use A Stylus / Do Not Hold Device While Charging / Keep Brightness Low / Keep Screens 3 to 6 Feet Away From Face, Eyes / Take Breaks Every 5-10 Minutes / Close Eyes for A Few Seconds / Keep In Highly Oxygenated Areas & Near Open Windows / Keep Devices Out Of Room At Night / If In Room, Keep Away From You & In ‘Faraday’ Cage or Bag / Use ‘Faraday‘ Cases & Bags For Devices



Turn OFF When Not In Use / Turn OFF At Night / Keep in Unoccupied Room If Possible / If In Room Keep As Far From You As Possible / Keep Room Highly Oxygenated With Fresh Air / Keep Room Windows & Doors Open When Possible / Keep in ‘Faraday’ Box, Bag, Cage



Do Not Put On Lap / Do Not Hold / Wi-Fi OFF Whenever Possible / Airplane Mode ON Whenever Possible / Keep Screen Brightness Low / When Looking at Screens Take Breaks Every 5-10 Minutes / Close Eyes for A Few Seconds. / Rinse Eyes, Face, Hands, Arms with Cold Water After Usage / Keep In Highly Oxygenated Areas & Near Open Windows / Keep Out Of Room At Night / If In Room, Keep Away From You & In ‘Faraday’ Bag, Box, Cage / Keep In  ‘Faraday’ Sleeve When Not In Use / Use ‘Faraday’ Pad When In Use



All Consumer Wi-Fi / Cellular Video Calls emit an extraordinary amount of Radiation Waves, Photons, Carcinogens & Lithium.

Use Video Call Programs & Applications Approved by the U. S. Federal Government.

Use Voice Only and avoid Video Calls.

Do Not Use Zoom.





If Using Video Conferencing Try To:

Keep Closed & ‘Disabled’ when not in use.

Deny Device Permissions when not in use / Activate Necessary Permissions when in use.

Keep ALL other Programs, Apps & Windows Closed when in use.

Do not use with Wireless Ear Buds

Do use Device Speaker / Do Use Basic Simple Wired Headphones. Keep Volume Low / Use One Ear Switching Ears Equally / Rinse Ears after use.



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