REM Entertainment is a multi-faceted Business / Entertainment company based in Los Angeles, California managed by Jason Rem. We do business with like-minded individuals & organizations and have extraordinary experience to share in a wide range of global industries & professions.

REM Entertainment has produced content at the biggest sporting events in the world including Super Bowls, the Olympics, Masters, Kentucky Derby, the NBA, NCAA, NHL Finals, World Series & Fashion Week.

REM Entertainment content has been broadcast globally on major networks in most countries and has played at worldwide film festivals including London, San Sebastian, IFC, Hamptons, Full Frame, Hawaii, Sao Paulo, Newport Beach & Sundance. REM Entertainment’s award winning documentaries focus on a range of topics including Sports, Music, War and Causes.

Along with roles at ESPN & FOX Sports Mr. Rem was head of Global Production, Content Studios & IP Licensing for the World Surf League. At the WSL Mr. Rem was responsible for a premiere technology driven global Internet & Cable broadcast leading Live Events & Productions for five Tours in 50+ countries including the United States, Australia, Brazil, Fiji, Tahiti, Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa, France & Portugal. During his time at the WSL, Mr. Rem was instrumental in the inclusion of women athletes at all WSL Championship Tour & Big Wave Tour events and Equal Pay for Women WSL athletes.

As a leader in Technology Mr. Rem began as an Intern at Apple computers leading a research team developing statistical analysis for doctors and hospitals. As the founder of ASEN he worked with Intel, Cisco and others to launch a breakthrough Internet & Cable simulcast sports network. In Silicon Valley he led Business Development for a revolutionary technology platform leading to the development of the first multi-functional real-time wireless applications.

In Healthcare he has worked with the International Medical Corps, Rett Syndrome Research Trust, National Institute of Health & National Academies in D.C.