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"Magda" is the story of a Polish woman born into a noble family who as a teenager was displaced and living in Nazi-occupied Warsaw when she was recruited by her brother to be a spy against the Nazis. After the war she fell in love with Matthew, a U.S. Army officer and moved to America with her family.

RETT: There is Hope

The story behind a devastating autism spectrum genetic affliction offset by incredible family dynamics, groundbreaking treatment, care and science.

Transformed: Operation Surf

Upon returning from the Marine Corps in Afghanistan Ash Legion was struggling with life at home until the veterans program Operation Surf helped her catch her first wave and find a new mission: 'To live.'

Transformed: Freddy

Born without legs and with one arm in Cartagena, Colombia, Freddy changed his life and his family's by learning to surf and becoming a World Champion at the age of 13. His story proves that if he can do it, you can too.

Transformed: Beyond the Surface

A group of women tour through southern India experiencing how surfing can bring hope and fuel change for all.

Transformed: Surfistan

When the Taliban first ruled Afghanistan young Afridun Amu and his family fled the war-torn country to Europe. Once in France, Afri learned to surf and dedicated his life to bringing the surf culture he came to love back to his landlocked homeland.


Duke-Carolina: The Blue Blood Rivalry

A unique behind the scenes perspective of a legendary sports rivalry.

WSL 'All-In' Season 1

What it takes to win the Championship Tour World Title.

WSL 'All-In' Season 2

Life inside the World Tour pressure cooker.

ESPN Up Close Primetime

Kobe Bryant & Allen Iverson

ESPN Up Close Primetime

O.J. Simpson first post trial interview.

ESPN Up Close Primetime

Shaquille O'Neal

Kelly Slater Continuance Part 1

A behind the scenes look at the world's greatest surfer during his last full year on tour.

Kelly Slater Continuance Part 2

A behind the scenes look at the world's greatest surfer during his last full year on tour.

WSL Studios: Brilliant Corners

A British longboarder's journey to Madagascar.

WSL Dawn Patrol

Daily Remote Event Morning Show.

WSL Post Show

Daily Remote Event Post Game Show

Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes

11-part series follows the 11-time World Champion on the world tour.

Music Videos

Go Go Girl

DJ Timbo

Crazy Sexy Wild


Violent Games

Gorgeous Got a Gun for the Motion Picture 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' (Universal)


Heavyweight Champion Ed Mahone

REM Entertainment: 1st 10 Years

ESPN Best of Up Close

World Surf League Championship Tour 1

World Surf League Championship Tour 2

World Surf League Broadcast Open & Theme Song

Visuals & Music Produced & Composed by Jason Rem with BIG Studios & Ryan Rehm

Jim Rome / Jim Everett Incident



Duke-Carolina The Blue Blood Rivalry

RETT There Is Hope

WSL Big Wave Tour

WSL Championship Tour

Take Every Wave

Gabriel Medina

Girls Can't Surf

All-In Season 1

All- In Season 2

Continuance Part 1

Continuance Part 2